Miscarriages of Justice


Brett Peter Cowan had been suspected of abducting and killing Daniel Morcombe in 2003, from early on in the police investigation, but police at that time lacked the evidence to convict him. So police devised a 'sting' to get that evidence. In 2011, a small group of undercover police officers planned and began a covert operation. These undercover officers contacted Brett Peter Cowan and pretended to be a corrupt criminal gang and they asked Cowan to join them, promising him a share in the gang's assets and activities. The 'boss' of the gang managed to gain Cowan's confidence, and Cowan agreed to join the gang. Eventually, Cowan admitted to the gang that he had abducted and killed Daniel Morcombe. Surprisingly, Cowan even led them to where he had buried Daniel's remains. The gang members then revealed that they were police officers and Cowan was arrested. Cowan was charged with the murder of Daniel Morcombe, and, in February 2014, found guilty at trial. On 14 March 2014, Brett Peter Cowan was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Cowan was a serious paedophile, and such people usually have a difficult time in jail. Cowan was no exception. In 2016 Cowan was attacked by other inmates by having boiling water poured over his head. His face was permanently disfigured. Some weeks later Cowan was allowed to change his name and identity. He remains in jail but under a new name.

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