Miscarriages of Justice


On 8 March, 2017, Channel 7 aired a program on the 1991 Leanne Holland murder, for which Graham Stafford served 14 years before being released. Four years later his murder conviction was quashed. That left Stafford neither convicted nor exonerated, and left the Leanne Holland murder unsolved. The Channel 7 program that night aired evidence from a police re-investigation, which had been withheld from the public for 5 years, and would likely have left many viewers convinced of Stafford’s guilt. That program was nonetheless a very different thing from a finding by a law court, pursuant upon hearing all the now available evidence, and pursuant upon the best efforts of the defence to respond to that evidence once all elements of it had been reviewed. In the course of the Channel 7 program that went to air, private investigator Graeme Crowley (co-author of Who Killed Leanne Holland?) indicated that he had hitherto been unfamiliar with the new police report and evidence, and accepted on-air that it did seem like strong evidence of Stafford’s guilt.

Later that evening, however, at 10:30pm on 8 March, 2017, Graeme Crowley posted a letter to Channel 7 enlarging upon his views on Graham Stafford’s supposed guilt in the Leanne Holland murder.

While still accepting that the Summary of the lengthy police report into the Stafford case seemed a "damning indictment" of Stafford’s guilt, Crowley went on to add that much depends, however, on just how accurate that summary is of the overall report, which continues to be withheld from public scrutiny. Crowley therefore reiterated his view that Stafford should be re-tried for murder, and that the appropriate way to resolve the matter was through the law courts, not through TV programs in which neither Stafford nor his supporters had had the opportunity to review the entire police report. Crowley accordingly concluded that "Until the matter has been properly resolved, I believe Graham Stafford has suffered the ultimate Miscarriage of Justice".

Instead of accepting the implications, or conclusions, of the Channel 7 Program, Crowley instead enjoined Channel 7 "to call on the Queensland Govt, Queensland Police Service and DPP to hold an inquest into the death of Leanne Holland". For Crowley, and other Stafford supporters, the debate rages on.

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