Miscarriages of Justice


The 65th anniversary of the murder of Betty Shanks is 19 September 2017. This date is significant because the police file on the murder is withheld from public access for 65 years. So one would expect the police file to be available later this year. Accordingly, on 16 May 2017, I emailed the Manager at PSBA.IMU@police.qld.gov.au

I pointed out that my book I Know Who Killed Betty Shanks had been published in 2014 and since then I had received certain information which would warrant writing a second edition. I added that I did not want to publish a second edition until I had been able to read the police file. I therefore asked the Manager what procedure I had to comply with in order to gain access to the police file. I also pointed out that access to this file had been previously granted to at least three members of the public more than 10 years ago.

The reply from the Manager of the PSBA.IMU unit informed me that "A restricted access period commences from when a file is completed and has no further action...when new reports are added to any on-going cold case investigation, the restricted access period of 65 years, in the case of Miss Shanks, will recommence from the date this investigation is completed...This is a cold case investigation and access cannot be granted."

The Manager did not say when the restricted access period will end. Perhaps never.

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